Men (cismen)

I love to work with men!

This work is quite different than traditional sexuality services. To be sure this work is a good fit for both of us,
I require a consultation visit before arranging bodywork sessions with cismen (what is a cisman?!)

To set up a consultation visit write
eenaction*AT*gmail*DOT*com. I look forward to talking with you!

* Consultation – sliding scale $20 – $60 – 1 hour.
Here we do not dive into practice. Rather, this is a time to ask all the questions you have about my work, feel how it is to be with me, tell me about your situation if you wish. Here is a guide to the sliding scale First meeting:
$20 – $35 – you are struggling to make ends meet. **
$35 – $45 – you have a steady income/support, stable housing, entertainment/sport budget.
$45 – $60+ – you are a homeowner; you take vacations.