Frequently Asked Questions

*I’ve never done something like this. What will it be like?!*
I am honored that you are trusting me to venture into this new, rich territory!
I can assure you that I am warm and non-judgemental, that I have a gift of listening deeply. I will meet you wherever you are at, just as you are, when you arrive. We will move at a pace that serves you. Together we will find the ideal session, tailored to you.

*What is “Mapping”?*
“Mapping” means exploring an unfamiliar area of the body, to find what sensations are present. Very slowly we work with various qualities of touch in order to learn about uncharted or forgotten zones, to awaken more parts of the body – into pleasure! Mapping is learning about the terrain at hand, whereas the intent of “Massage” is relaxation and pleasure.

*So, will I be transformed immediately?
I hope so! Although the reality is that usually this work moves slowly. It is probable that you will notice some immediate effect. Our present sexuality/habits have been learned and cemented in our body over years. I do not offer you a magic pill. I present to you a pathway.  A realistic comparison might be to consider: if you went to a personal trainer, can they make you muscular overnight? No. It takes awhile AND it is dependent on the amount of focus and effort you put in yourself.

*Can you tell me EXACTLY what will happen?
I cannot tell you exactly what will happen. We can consult over email – what our basic road map will be! But, as all who have ever taken a journey know, it is impossible to know what we will find as soon as we are on the actual – experiential – road together. A huge piece of this erotic-expansion work is to not hold tightly to precise expectations. I can tell you that I DO want to work with you, to find a path that serves your particular situation. I feel confident that we can find something about exactly what you need, together.

*Can I take you out to coffee – buy you lunch – treat you to a night in New Orleans?
For myself, I am flattered by your interest in me! Simultaneously, it is VERY valuable to the work that we do together to maintain our relationship within the context of our session. I can recommend wonderful people who do offer this service.

*Can I bring you gifts? How can I thank you?
It’s touching to know that you feel so moved! Thank YOU. You are welcome to revel in the sexiness of community-connection by donating here.

*What is SOMATICS?! “Somatic approaches emphasize sensory awareness (paying attention to sensing)…awareness functions largely as a potent agent of change – a powerful means of altering habit…Just as the mind organizes the rest of the body’s tissues into a life process, sensations to a large degree organize the mind. They do not simply give the mind material to organize; they are themselves a major organizing principle.” – Glenna Batson

“…The understanding is that people are not mind over matter (‘If I think differently I will be different’), nor matter over mind or spirit (‘a change in chemistry or medication will wholly change my experience’), rather we are all of these things combined – we are thinking and conceptual, we are emotional, we are biological, and we are spiritual. Somatics approaches people as this integrated whole, working with all of these aspects of who we are…When we reconnect the vast intelligence of the body with the mind and spirit, powerful things happen.” – Staci Haines

Often in body-awareness classes, genitals and arousal are left out of the conversation; often with good reason. Imagine you are in a meditation setting, led through a body scan. What parts are included? Are the perineum, the asshole, or other genital tissue left out? To me this is something like saying, “Our somatic goal is to learn to feel more of your entire being. But, we are going to ignore the entire left side of your body.”

Erotic Enaction is a space to listen to you in your entirety. Each part of you effects the other parts of you. As I understand it, When we are looking to learn or expand our current experience of life (erotically or otherwise) Including eroticism, genitals, arousal, feels consistent with a holistic approach.

*I have read through your whole site and I STILL don’t understand.
if you are interested enough to read through all of these words, the BEST next step is to DIVE in. Connect.