*TIME. Our session begins at the agreed upon time. If you are late, it is not possible to extend your session. This is due to respect for my own time and the fees and scheduling of studio space.
*Showering is available in my incall, Berlin studio. If you would like to shower onsite before our session, you are welcome to arrive 10 minutes early. After our session concludes, you are also welcome to rinse off before heading out on your way.
*PAYMENT. Cash upon arrival. or, a previously cleared Paypal or bank transfer (this usually takes 2-3 days.)
*CANCELLATIONS. Indeed, sometimes life throws us a curve we can’t catch. To cover the cost of my studio reservation fee in Berlin and in respect to my time, I ask that you pay €50 if I receive less than 24 hour notice.
*Can I take you out to coffee – buy you lunch – treat you to a night in Berlin?
I believe that Sexuality practitioners hold a very valuable place in society. With this comes both gentle and firm boundaries. I am a practitioner, which is a role different than an everyday social life interaction. I am flattered by your interest in me! Simultaneously, it is VERY valuable to the work that we do together to maintain our relationship within the context of our session.
*Can I bring you gifts? How can I thank you?
It’s touching to know that you feel so moved! Thank YOU. you are welcome to revel in the sexiness of community-connection by donating here.