Gender Queer/Ciswomen

Reduced rates:

Through my own experience – as a student and as a facilitator – I have noticed a dynamic which seems to relate to cultural gender norms – relating to which spaces feel accessible to whom.

I have found that in somatic movement based classes, the participants are primarily ciswomen-gender queer. In sexuality work, the participants are primarily cismen.(What is CISGENDER?!)

As a way to support sexuality practice feeling more accessible to genderqueer, nonbinary people, trans and ciswomen I offer extremely reduced rates for first-time sessions:

$40//1.5 hour – Somatic sexuality (bodywork) Session.
Due to the high cost of studio space I am only able to offer this rate if you are able to provide a location for us to work. Reduced rates for future sessions are possible + can be arranged in conversation. I hope to meet you soon!