This is a practice to expand, explore, learn, restore and find pleasure. We begin with conversation and find a way to work which fits your interests. I work as a guide, to help you feel into your own experience. Possibilities for our session may include:
*Vulva and Vaginal Mapping/Massage
*Erectile Tissue Mapping/Massage – learn-feel YOUR Body!
*Orgasm Exploration
*Anal Mapping/Massage
*Full Body, Energetic Orgasm (Big Draw/Clench+Hold)
*Erotic Breath work/Erotic Movement work – especially good for Trauma Effects, Finding Authentic Voice, and Enlivening a Daily Erotic “Buzz”
*Integrating Nature and Sexuality!
*Loving Heart Erotic Meditations
*Dark Fantasy Erotic Meditations
*Penis Mapping/Massage
*Multiorgasm Exploration – Erectile/Ejaculation Consciousness/Control
*Intimacy, Listening, Communicating – with Body Language and Voice
*Finding and Voicing Desires and Boundaries

*Fantasy-free Arousal (Imagined or Porn)
*Learning to receive pleasure – with abandon!
*Scar Massage – Tissue Restoration and Integration
*Alleviating Fear, Shame, Guilt – Exploring Where it is Felt in the Body
*Loosening Ties Between Eroticism and Attachment
*Articulating, Enhancing Agency/Empowerment in Sexuality and All of Life


My work is based in decades of experience with Somatic work – and I have training in Sexological Bodywork. I practice in clothing, similar to a Massage Therapist. You are welcome to wear anything or nothing at all (nude.) The touch is uni-directional.

When I found this work my mind was blown. It is like no other space of exploring sexuality – it is not like a talk therapist because we are working directly with the body; it is not like being with a lover because the focus is about exploring yourself (without any expectation to please another); it is not like going to the gynocologist/proctologist because it is dealing with sensuality and arousal. It is truely incredible work. If you are still a bit nervous to dive in, trying an Embodied Conversation session might be the right “next step” for you?
€160 – 2+ hours.
€475 – package of 3 sessions.
€800 – package of 5 sessions.

I am located in Berlin.