“there is a universal flux that cannot be defined explicitly but which can be known only implicitly…In this flow, mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather, they are different aspects of our whole and unbroken movement.”
― David Bohm.
Experience a tantra – somatic connection with yourself, others and the cosmos. Each session is a co-creation. We meet, review your desires and come into somatic attunement with simple breath work or movement. We practice nude. Touch is uni-directional. Possibilities for our tantra – somatic work may include:
*Loving Kindness Meditation
*Full Body Orgasm (Big Draw/Clench+Hold)
*Breath work to enter Erotic Trance
*Movement work for Erotic Trance
*Genital Massage
*How to Practice at Home
*Anal Massage
*Multiorgasm Work
*Loosening Ties Between Eroticism and Attachment


*Fantasy-Porn Addiction (Arousal without mental fantasy-porn)
*Receiving pleasure (with abandon!)
*Erection/Early Release Issues
*Integrating Vocalization with Arousal
*Raising Sexual Energy
*Intimacy Practice
*Boundary Setting, Listening and Body Communication Skills
Regarding the word tantra, There is a wealth of information about Tantra’s vast history and western manifestations. I use “tantra” to speak to those interested in exploring conscious sexuality, somatic sexuality. The underlying importance for me, in all of my work, is working with awareness/noticing sensations. Mindful practice is the most effective tool I have found to foster compassion for + connection with others, in all aspects and organisms of life. I work with tantra – somatic sexuality as one path, one set of tools, towards this goal.
embodied learning brings the greatest understanding. If what I write resonates with your interest in tantra or somatic sexuality, please do reach out. I invite questions or concerns over email. You can let me know your particular interests – or simply dive in!

€150 – 1.5 hours.
€200 – 2 hours.
€320 – 3 hours.
€450 – 3 hours.
TRAVEL – I enjoy meeting you for a tantra – somatic sessionin your city. If you would like to pay my travel I am happy to arrange with you. I am located in Berlin.