Conscious Kink + Beyond – Funny, Dark, Surprising, Unusual!

We are complex, wild creatures, filled with all sorts of moods, outrageous humor, and dark desires. I have personally found dynamic sexuality sessions – as opposed to softer, traditional tantra approaches – to bring me deep healing.

My work is rooted in awareness, conscious practice. Much of the practices I propose are with the intent of learning to feel more, to expand your capacity to feel the sensations of your life experience.

I understand that mindful, meditative work can be done in traditional “sitting” practice – and we can learn to be mindful while navigating arousal, desire, humor, fear… I seek to integrate mindfulness into all the corners of life. With my work, I hope to offer a variety of doorways, to become more aware of the unfolding sensation of life. You chose the doorway which speaks to you.

If this section appeals to you, write me and let me know what kind of session you are interested in. I can review what you write and we will figure out if I am a good fit for what you seek.

A few examples of sessions: Sensory deprivation (blindfolding), Compression/restraint play with ropes or wrestling, Role play, Flogging…

You wear anything or nothing at all. I work in an outfit suited to our session (never nude.) Touch is uni-directional unless specified otherwise (Certain dynamic sexuality sessions, such as wrestling, use basic two-way touch.)

Rates are determined by the type of session you would like. Please inquire. I am located in New Orleans.